Information on two-factor authentication, device enrollment, configuration, and troubleshooting.

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Knowledge base articles for android devices and Duo


Knowledge base articles for Apple devices and Duo

Troubleshooting Guides

General troubleshooting guides for Duo Mobile and Push

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Adding a new device to Duo

Overview of adding a new device to Duo

Authenticating with the Duo Prompt

Overview of authentication using the Duo Prompt.

Duo Enrollment Guide

Overview of Duo enrollment

Duo Mobile on Windows Phone

Overview of Duo Mobile on Windows Phone

Duo Restore

Overview of Duo Restore

Security Keys and Duo

Overview of Security Keys and Duo

Software Update Notifications

Knowledge base article about software update notifications from Duo

Two-factor Authentication (TFA)

Introduction to two-factor authentication and Duo

Using Duo with a Hardware Token

Overview of Duo with a Hardware Token

Using Duo with any Cell Phone or Landline

Overview of Duo with Cellphones and Landlines

What are the differences between Duo-protected applications and third-party accounts?

Duo-protected versus third-party applications. What's the difference?