Software Update Notifications

Duo helps keep information secure with software and operating system policies. SFA may choose to warn you when your software is out of date, require software updates before allowing access, or even block access from devices that don't meet SFA's requirements.

Software Update Notifications

If your Duo administrator has enabled this feature, we'll check your browser version — as well as the version of the Java and Flash plugins enabled in your browser — when you log into your Duo protected service. If any of them are out of date we'll let you know, and give you the option to update your software before you finish logging in to the service.

Duo Prompt with Outdated Software Notification

Click the Let's update it button to see what's out of date. You can click the X to dismiss the software update notification and continue Duo authentication, but after you approve your second-factor request we'll ask you again to update your outdated software.

Outdated Software Notification Reminder After Authenticating

If you don't want to update now, click Skip to continue. You'll be reminded again to update your outdated software the next time you log in with Duo.

Your organization may also choose to block your access if your software is still out of date after a certain amount of time. You'll see a countdown warning one week before you can no longer continue using the outdated software. You may still dismiss the warning and continue on to Duo authentication.

Outdated Software Block Warning

Duo blocks you from authentication when your browser or plugins are too out of date. You'll have to update your outdated software before you can log in.

Access Blocked Due to Outdated Software

Click See what is allowed and follow the update instructions in the Duo prompt. If your device has multiple warnings you can navigate between them with "Next" and "Back" links at the bottom of the prompt.

Software Update Instructions

Updating Your Software

We'll tell you how to update your software and link to other vendors' download sites where applicable.

Updates for browsers built into the operating system, like Safari on OSX or Internet Explorer and Edge on Windows, are typically delivered using the system's built in software update service. Check Windows Update on a PC or Software Updates on a Mac to apply any outstanding security updates. For example, Windows 7 and later users using Internet Explorer versions older than Internet Explorer 11 have the opportunity to upgrade to version 11 via Windows Update.

Outdated Internet Explorer Software Notification

The Chrome browser includes an embedded Flash plugin, and usually updates itself automatically. Check About Google Chrome to apply an outstanding update, or relaunch Chrome to complete the update.

Outdated Chrome Browser Software Notification

You may need to download software from an external site to update the Firefox browser and the Flash or Java browser plugins installed on your system.

The See how to update Firefox link takes you to the Firefox updates page.

Outdated Firefox Software Notification

The See how to update Flash link opens Adobe's Flash download page, so you can obtain the most recent version of the plugin.

Outdated Flash Software Notification

The See how to update Java link takes you to Oracle's Java download page.

Outdated Java Plugin Software Notification

Firefox, Java, and Flash all include auto-update functionality. Consider enabling this to avoid being out of date in the future.



If you have difficulty installing any browser, plugin, or operating system updates, please contact the Help Desk for support.

Software Blocking

SFA may also choose to block access from devices with selected browsers, plugins, or operating system platforms and versions.

You'll see a message in the Duo prompt letting you know your oeprating system, browser, or plugin is blocked.

Access Blocked Due to Restricted OS

Click See what is allowed to learn what platforms may access SFA resources.

Permitted OS Platforms List


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