What are the differences between Duo-protected applications and third-party accounts?

Duo-protected applications are services, devices, and cloud apps that integrate with Duo software to protect them with the most secure two-factor authentication methods available today, including Duo Push, phone call, and SMS passcodes. All of SFA's applications that integrate with Duo are Duo-protected applications. 

You can view a comprehensive list of supported Duo-protected applications at duo.com/docs.

Duo Mobile can also function similarly to Google Authenticator by protecting services including Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, Slack, and Dropbox by generating a passcode to use as a second factor when logging in. These manually-added accounts are considered "third-party." This Duo Mobile functionality allows you to use a single app to unify your two-factor authentication experience.

Third-party accounts can be recovered via Duo Restore provided that a backup and recovery password was previously created.


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